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ABF Primus CLC Turquoise


  • Activated carbon block filter, mesh 0.45 μ
  • Capacity: 4 l/min.
  • It changes the structure of the lime molecules in such a way that they can not stick in the kettle and it activates the water by incorporated EM


78.00 (incl VAT)

The ABF Primus CLC Turquoise cartridge exists of a vegetable based activated carbon block filter, mesh 0.45 µ like the ABF PRIMUS and additionally granulates to change the lime structure in the water.  As a result there are clearly less lime residues on your tap, fittings, tiles etc. and the lime adheres less persistent. Deposits occurred once can be therefore removed more easily and there will be less cleaning effort. Household appliances (water kettles, coffee makers etc.) will be protected as an additional effect. Furthermore there is a layer of EM Ceramics that activate your drinking water.

The ABF Primus CLC is the right cartridge  to reduce lime residues and to activate and energise the filtered water. It will have a more fresh and more soften taste.