Lime Scale Removers

Effective, no-fuss lime scale remover

Prevent damage caused by lime corrosion to your water pipes and appliances with our premier quality anti-lime scale system by AQUABION®.

Lime scale occurs as a result of the mineral calcite, which is naturally present in your water. When water evaporates, calcite crystals are left to crust over taps, on the coils in boilers, on showerheads and in appliances such as your kettle.

Lime scale can cause extensive damage, corroding your water pipes, plumbing systems and appliances, leading to expensive heating and repair costs. In some cases, you may even have to replace the plumbing system in your home – an expense that no one wants to bear!

Protect your home from lime corrosion with AQUABION®

The AQUABION® system turns corrosive limescale that sticks to your pipes and appliances into a harmless, white powder-like substance that can be easily flushed away. No more toxic cleaning agents and elbow grease – save time, money and energy while extending the lifespan of your pipes and household appliances!

How it works

To see how the system works watch the video below.