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Waterwise products give you pure, natural water for health

Despite Ireland having one of the highest average rainfalls in the world, the quality of the water we drink, and its ability to properly hydrate and nourish our bodies, just isn’t as good as it could be. There are a number of factors to blame, including:

  • the toxic run-off from industrial wastes and agricultural pesticides such as atrazine, lindane and cancer-causing glyphosates
  • industrial emissions returned to the ground via rainfall which seeps to the ground water
  • hormones and other medical wastes that are flushed down the toilet into the water supply
  • heavy metals from rotting pipe works such as (lead, copper, mercury and cadmium) combined with bacterial growth and
  • additives such as chlorine and fluoride to the drinking water.

In addition, water that has worked its way under pressure through the mains supply or stood in a well is often “lifeless”, its molecular structure altered by the absence of natural vortexes and flow. As a result, this can impact the body’s ability to properly absorb drinking water and even lead to dehydration.

Our water treatment systems are engineered to work together or independently for a tailored solution that suits your needs and the type of water issue you wish to address at your home or workplace.

How it works

Stage 1: Lime Scaling

Elimination of precipitation, adhering and incrustation of lime in your pipes, kettles etc.
Sacrificial anodes made of base metals (Me+) such as Zinc prevent lime scaling in a natural and environmental friendly manner.

Stage 2: Filtration and Tapping

Filter cartridges made of vegetable charcoal eliminate over 90% of the heavy metals and over 99% of all unwanted contaminants as bacteria, chemicals, hormones, chlorides, medical residues, pesticides and bad odours.

Stage 4: Biophysical Enhancement of Water

By EMs: Healthy microorganisms embedded in fired clay e.g. clay pearls retrieve the water’s positive energy.

Stage 3: Vitalizing Process

Natural created vortexes and Oxygen from the air revitalizes the water.


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