Why is revitalised water important for good health?

While we all understand the importance of removing heavy metals, bacteria, pesticides and hormones from our drinking water, not many understand the impact of revitalising their water. From a homeopathic point of view, the water still contains the “memory” of these contaminants which has the potential to impact our body when we drink it. The water also contains water molecules that clump together, known as clusters, that make it harder for the body to absorb.

In its natural environment, healthy water receives its life-going energy and vitalisation from the turbulence and aeration it experiences in streams and rivers, caused by swirls, buffers, changes in flow and a variety of velocities. This helps to cleanse water memory and to break down water clusters. Water that is free from contaminants and revitalised using the same forces as in nature helps your body to absorb clean, healthy water that is readily absorbed by your body for optimum health and hydration.

The Waterwise Swirler for revitalised water

Our swirlers are easily attached to your tap and use the same principles as in nature to revitalise your drinking water by:

  • removing negative memories of toxins, chemicals and other contaminants that are contained in molecular vibrations;
  • aerating the water and expelling chlorides and
  • breaking down long chain clusters of water molecules that are hard for the body to absorb.

Engineered in Germany by expert mechanics with the highest grade of pure and inert metals, alloys and other materials used to produce the components, our swirlers deliver a revitalising and healthy drinking and shower experience. View our range here.

What is “dead” water?

You may have heard the term “dead water”. This refers to treated drinking water that has been stripped of its natural minerals that are essential for good health. The term also describes water that has been affected at the molecular level and changed from its natural state, whether as a result of traveling for miles through water pipe networks or sitting in a well. This results in water molecule clusters that are more difficult for the body to absorb at cellular level, with the potential to affect hydration, energy and wellness. With our water filter and water revitaliser you can enjoy water invigorated with the swirling forces it would experience in its natural environment (for example, a stream).

How it works

  1. Primary Vortex
  2. Secondary Vortex
  3. Large Water clusters many water molecules stick together to one cluster
  4. Broken or disintegrated smaller clusters (sole water molecules)