Quick tips on saving water

Fix Leaks

A leaking pipe joint, trough or dripping tap can contribute to the loss of 10 gallons per unit per day. To detect leaks look out for: unusually damp ground, more lush than expected vegetation (for a recent leak) and reduced vegetation (for a long term leak).

Pay attention while filling tanks

A water tank that is accidentally left to run over while filling with a hose can be responsible for the loss of 5 gallons per minute.

Recycle water

Divert uncontaminated wash water or clean cooling water to a storage tank. Then reuse this water through a pump to wash down the parlour.

Install floats

Installing ballcocks or floats on water tanks that will shut off supply when water tank is full will provide all the water you or your animals need but won’t waste any.

Manually clean floors and alleys

Before washing down, to reduce the amount of water needed.

Use a bucket or a sink

To rinse small equipment, rather than with running water.

Catch the rain

Collect water from your gutters and down pipes but always make sure to securely cover large containers for safety. Use this water for hosing down sheds and yards by submersing a pump into the water butt or container.

Regularly read your meter

Getting in the habit of reading your meter will alert you to any changes in the amount of water you use and could indicate a problem such as a leaking pipe or a faulty ballcock in a trough.

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