Assessing plumbing appliances for water efficiency

Efficiency Check

  1. Have you fitted water efficient controls to urinals?
  2. Are the WC cisterns operating effectively?
  3. Are all your taps drip free?
  4. Do staff leave taps running?
  5. Are plugs fitted to basins?


Automatic flushing of urinals when they have not been used, is one of the largest wastes of water.

Fit a control device available from plumbing suppliers. Check the level in the cistern is properly adjusted.

Fit a water displacement device such as a ‘HIPPO’ bag to reduce the flush volume.

If you have dual flush toilets, erect signs to advise on correct use.

Renew washers on dripping taps immediately – it only gets worse wasting more an more money.

Fit auto-closing push-top taps or spray nozzle type to prevent wastage.

Plugs encourage the user to wash hands from the basin rather than under a running tap.