Quick tips on saving water

Water Audit Checklist

Complete the accompanying Water Audit Checklist to highlight the areas you need to target.


Involve all staff and make everyone aware of water conservation.

Use Tap Aerators

These are simple attachments, which can be easily fitted, producing a soft bubbly water stream. Aerators can reduce usage from the tap by as much as a half.

New Equipment - Conservation Friendly

Replace worn out or broken equipment with systems that use water efficiently.

Reporting a Leak

Put in place a reporting procedure for leakage and water losses in the workplace.

Canteen Conservation

Turn off any unnecessary flows and equipment when not in use. Ensure water pressures and flows are set at minimum required settings.

Water Efficiency Awards

Consider holding water efficiency awards to encourage staff to get involved. This is a good way to collect and develop water saving ideas.


Water used in general cleaning can be as much as 10% of all water used in some work places. Devise measures to reduce the excessive need.

Window Cleaning

Change the window-cleaning schedule from “periodic” to “as required”.

No Hose Policy

Sweep down pavements and driveways instead of hosing them. Use a bucket and brush for stubborn areas. Instruct employees to use hoses sparingly and only when necessary. Fit a shut-off nozzle on all hoses.

Eliminate Automatic Flushing Cisterns

Turn off all unnecessary cisterns particularly in schools and toilet blocks and replace with water efficient devices.