How much water we use

On average, each of us use about 148 litres of water per day, through the use of baths and showers, drinking, cooking, washing clothes, cleaning the car and in the garden. Our lifestyles have changed and Ireland’s population has grown. Consequently, we now consume more water than we ever did.

1 litre of water weighs 1 kilogramme. This means that in 1 year the average person uses over 54 tonnes of water – There are 300 tonnes in Cavan swimming pool!!!

Average daily water consumption per person

Activity Amount of water (litres)
Shower 35
W.C. 27
Laundry Wash 40
Hand wash 12
Teeth Brushing 12
Dish wash 10
Cooking 10
Drinking 2
Total 148

Average Water Use

Activity Amount of water (litres)
Bath 80
5 Minute Shower 35
Power Shower 125 in less then 5 minutes
Brushing teeth with tap running 6 per minute
Brushing teeth with tap off 1
W.C. Flush standard 9
W.C. Flush modern 6
Washing machine modern 45
Washing machine 65
Dishwasher 20
Washing car with Bucket 10
Hosepipe 9 per minute