How we supply your water

Water in Cavan is supplied in 3 ways:

  1. public water supply schemes
  2. group water schemes
  3. individual private wells

The water supplied to the majority of homes originates from the lakes in the county. This water is then extracted and pumped to a treatment plant where it is made potable (suitable to drink). From there it is pumped to a service reservoir and then distributed to each property by an extensive system of underground watermains.

Public Water Supply

Cavan County Council maintains 19 Public Water Supply Schemes through a network of Water Caretakers working under the supervision of the Department`s technical staff. The largest scheme Cavan Regional produces over 10 million gallons of water per day. At present, some 60% of the County population is served with a public water supply.

Water treatment

Group Water Schemes

The Group Water Schemes in Cavan play a strategic role in the delivery of water – especially in rural parts of Cavan. Approximately 18,500 people (35% of population) depend on private group water schemes for their water supply. There are 28 Private Group Water Schemes serving 50 houses or more in the County and these account for water supply to 5,000 homes in rural areas.

Private Wells

Some properties including households have private wells that take water directly from underground sources known as aquifers. This water is not pre-treated and any polluting substances such as oil, sewage or fertilizers can effect the quality of this water, rendering it unsuitable for consumption. About 5% of properties use water extracted from private wells.